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Melissa has been consuming SuperFoods since she was fifteen years old. At a young age she learned that SuperFoods, like Spirulina, have more vitamins and nutrients that our bodies don't get from fruits and vegetables we get at the grocery store or farmer's market.

Over the years, we have tried just about every brand available. 

In 2012, when Purium Health Products relaunched, Melissa started consuming Purium and has been consuming Purium SuperFoods since then. 

We also purchase the Perfect Protein through Body Health and have been using their brand for the past 5 years. 

In the last year we have added more SuperFoods to our diet, 

because as we age, we want to continue to consume a variety of foods for antiaging. 

The Root Brands and STEMREGEN are foods that each meet a specific need. 

The Root Brands has a zeolite combination that is gentle enough to consume daily and made specifically for BIOWEAPONS chemicals. 

STEMREGEN is the latest in Stem Cell production through SuperFoods. It's a combination that we have not seen in any other product that assists your body in the natural production of Stem Cells. 

Of course, we still eat fruits and vegetables and now we have started our venture to farming those at home through Tower Gardens

Our goal is to be as self sufficient as possible.

Buy stocking up on SuperFoods and growing our own crops, we are ready for anything. 

Below you will be rerouted to each specific company so that you can learn more about it. 

You can reach out to us directly about any of the products at 310-654-2750

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A variety of products made for every taste bud. 

Nourish *Detox *Rejuvenate

Start with a 10 Day Cleanse or 

Use for Daily maintenance 

The Ultimate LifeStyle Transformation

Foods full of nutrition for Picky eaters and children  

Our Favorite Products are: (click on each to view more info)

Daily Core 4- Protein Shake, BioMedic-Detox from Glyphosate, Super Aminos for Protein, and Apothe Cherry for Sleep

MVP Family Chocolate

Coffee Protein

Ionic Elements- Trace Minerals

Kamut Blend- Best tasting Wheatgrass

ZinC ADE-Vitamins from SuperFoods

Cracked Cell Chlorela

C From Nature-From Fruit not Ascorbic Acid

Control PreMeal- Helps control how much you eat

To Learn more about Purium 

Go to the Website 

when you are ready to place your first order you will receive 

$50 off with the promo (lowercase)


Essential amino acids (or EAAs) are the aminos your body cannot make on its own and so must get from outside sources. The more essential amino acids in the right ratio a protein has, the more new protein can be built and the less extra amino acids are converted to sugar or fat — calories. 

PerfectAmino consists of the exact ratio complete. So it’s 99% utilized to build new protein.

That’s why there is less than 1 calorie for every 5 grams of PerfectAmino. Almost every single amino acid is actually used, leaving next to nothing to be converted to sugar or fat.

Which means, you break down fat and convert it to Muscle within 22 minutes of consumption. It also tightens your skin. 

It's suggested to consume at least 10 a day, for perfect health, 30 a day max (increments of 10)  for those weight lifting or ready for the perfect summer body. 

We also LOVE the Perfect Amino Bars  and Organ Pills

Use our PromoCode to receive an additional Discount 


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The World’s Best

Stem Cell Enhancer

Scientifically proven proprietary blend of highly concentrated botanical bioactives that have been documented to stimulate the release or migration of stem cells. STEMREGEN has been formulated for physicians to support tissue repair, as part of the management of various health conditions. 

What are Stem Cells 


Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract 

Aloe Macroclada 

AFA Extract 

Notoginseng Extract 

Fucus Vesiculosus Extract 

2 capsules will release an average of

10 million more stem cells in circulation


DISCOUNT promo code-medbedspa


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Benefits of Apricot Seeds

Some apricot seeds' health benefits:

  1. Fiber Content: Apricot kernels stand out as a rich source of dietary fiber. This ensures efficient digestion, aids nutrient absorption, and fosters regular bowel activities, promoting overall gut health.

  2. Promotion of Heart Health: The heart-friendly constituents, specifically Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, cannot be emphasized enough. Possibly assisting in blood pressure regulation and cholesterol management and laying a robust foundation for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

  3. Anti-inflammatory Potential: A natural aid for individuals grappling with inflammation-driven conditions, notably arthritis.

  4. Maintaining Optimal Eye Health: With a commendable presence of Zinc, apricot seeds are undeniably pivotal in maintaining and potentially enhancing eye health. Zinc aids in safeguarding our vision, protecting it from potential threats and age-related decline.

  5. Boosting Immunity: This potent vitamin B17, coupled with other nutrients in the seed, can be instrumental in amplifying the body's immune defenses, gearing it up to counteract a myriad of illnesses and infections with increased efficacy.

  6. For Radiant Skin and Lustrous Hair: Moving a step beyond the seed's edible attributes, apricot seed oil, a precious elixir derived from these kernels, is a cherished skincare and haircare solution. Regular application can provide deep nourishment, ensuring skin radiance and hair vitality.

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Good health starts with good habits,

like eating wholesome foods. 

Tower Garden systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil. 

The new Tower Garden HOME is ideal for indoor gardening, while the Tower Garden FLEX is slightly larger and can be used indoors or outdoors.  Grow a healthier you year-round.

Explore all your options 


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