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Some of these Testimonials are also found on the Tesla BioHealing Corporate Website. 
We don't make any medical claims, though Tesla BioHealing created a 3 year study on the Tesla BioHealers. 

Below are Testimonials from real people and their experiences are all unique. 

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07-11-2022  Johanna

WOW! I was headed for surgery and now I have no more pain! I hurt my shoulder and was in bed due to the chronic pain I was in. I purchased the InfraHelios and the pain started going away after teh first 30 mins! It's now my best friend as it's helped heal my endometriosis pain too! 
I'm sooo grateful for Melissa and Peter as they have both changed my life! They both have done so much research into all these technologies and ONLY offer the best, of the BEST technology. 

12-12-2021  Blake

We have 5 dogs. After having the Tesla MedBed Generators ( large ones) our dogs jump on our bed exactly over the Tesla MedBeds. We noticed 1-2 months after having them, that our 10 year old dog, was acting like a puppy again and his white hairs have returned to black.  We didn't get them for our dogs, but it's been a great benefit to see that they even work on our dogs. Not to mention, I feel 20 years younger! 

12-26-2021    John Oster

The adult bio healer is a miracle. In one month it has transformed my life. God-bless you both!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you also!

12-30-2021  Elena

My husband has snored for the past 50 years we have been married. After using the Tesla BioHealer for 4 months and not snoring since he started using 3 Adult Tesla BioHealers, I think he no longer needs them. We went away for the weekend and he didn't pack the Tesla BioHealers and he didn't snore! I practically forgot he snores. It's a miracle.  I am definitely a Happy Wife. I never thought he'd ever stop snoring. 

Anita testimonial client youtube.jpg

9/11/2021 Deanna
In just a couple of weeks, I have learned that the closer I place the Biohealer to my body's "trouble spot", the faster the results. My left shoulder has been limited in movement since an accident in 2005. It is healed - an adhesion on my lip was healed overnight, am presently working on possible melonoma - crusty spot on my face and it is growing smaller and not so crusty. Better overall positive feelings about my life. My bro-in-law suffered weakness in his leg (after a stroke) and strength has returned. Sis-in-law reported feeling noticeably more energy after I loaned it to them for 8 weeks. It is truly a blessing from God. My dog came in yelping from running into something so I placed it near him all is well!


9/9/2021 Ray
I drove 12 hours straight and I didnt even have any stiffness,usually my hip would be sore but thats just a distant memory now. I love it. Sleeping better, its also helped me with my meditation.
I've shared it with my friend and she shared it with her daughter, a nurse and had to take 2 shots of the vaccine so she could work, she was experiencing severe muscle pain, fatigue, and migraine headaches. She used the Tesla BioHealer for 4 days and all her symptoms disappeared.


8/30/2021 Elena
I had a head accident where a big metal gate fell and landed on my head and shoulder. Luckily the gate didn't fall completely on me because it was stopped by our truck. The injury caused so much blood gushing out that the ER looked like a crime scene. After getting 10 stiches on my crown I returned home conscious and alert. I immediately started using the 3 Tesla BioHealers and had them with me during sleep and while resting at home. I didn't really get black or blue brusing. I had a little inflammation with half of my face being swollen and a little blue bruising on day 3-5 and it went away pretty quickly. A week later the stiches came off and now two weeks later the doctors have never seen such quick recovery. I feel great and can't really believe I am still alive. 

8/1/2021 Elena 
We've been married for almost 45 years and my husband has snored the whole time. After getting 3 Tesla BioHealers my husband has finally stopped snoring on the first night using them and I finally have had a good nights rest. It's a miracle. I am a believer. 

7/21/2021 Lynne Atwood  

I’ve been using one adult-sized Tesla Bio-Healer for four weeks and it’s amazing. The day I received it, I was exhausted, bone-weary and had enough energy to lay on my couch. I placed the Healer right next to me and 20 minutes later I started feeling better and I just felt better and better. Anytime I’m tired I sit right next to it and shortly afterward, I feel revived. I sleep with it next to me and sometimes it gives me too much energy, but then I put it farther away from me and then I sleep just fine. It’s an amazing product and I’m so grateful that I found the video at the perfect time. My house thanks you too, Melissa, it’s much cleaner with my new-found energy. Also, I catch my dog sitting near it or from under my coffee table. She loves it!

Within 20 Minutes I Felt Better. My Dog Loves it too. 

Tesla MedBed Bed.jpg

07/20/2021 Steve

Far exceeded expectations - Sleep, Headache, Much reduced pain

I've tried many different health products before, but this has made the most significant impact. Felt calmer and slept better. Normally after walking up 3 flights of stairs or carrying two rounds of groceries induces laborious heavy breathing and I start feeling light-headed. After just one night of using the Adult BioHealer, I was able to breathe normal again. My headaches, which occur almost every day, particularly after eating, was reduced from a 5-7/10 pain to 0-2/10. These frequent headaches have affected so much of my everyday life, including ability to work, but now I am feel free and relieved because of the Bio Healer.It certainly has greatly improved my quality of life and whole-heartedly recommend.

07/16/2021 Karen Nelson


I quickly noticed an improvement in my health and energy level. I have highly recommended the BioHealer to friends and family.

07/16/2021 Brandy McElhaney

Many thanks!!!

I'm grateful y'all come to work!!! The effects of investing in these 2 canisters has helped in ways that can't reallybe put into words. For me, it's a knowing that it helps my internal core sort itself.

07/13/2021 Leslie F

No longer anemic!

Rachel has been anemic for over 20 years and the iron pills make her sick, so she has not been doing anything to treat that. We learned today that she is no longer anemic!!! They did give her new meds to reduce her nausea, but we did notice a huge reduction in vomiting from her chemo, we are contributing this to the Bio Healers 🙂

07/13/2021 Elizabeth Petrovich

Excited to see what continued use can do - Pain & Blood Pressure

After just three days, I noticed a pain I usually get in my right groin (A sharp pain maybe half way into a two mile walk. It usually works itself back out.) while walking for the past year, was gone. My IT band which I think was part of the problem and usually very sore from the knee to the hip had greatly decreased. I occasionally get a twinge of the pain but not every time I walk! I had to increase strength of blood pressure medication last year. After maybe two weeks of sleeping with the biohealer, I noticed my blood pressure had dropped. I'm hoping this will continue to help keep my blood pressure down. I also think I'm getting more deep sleep than I was. I'm excited to see what continued use will do. I hurt my back on a rollercoaster three years ago, and I'm hoping that eventually the biohealers will help with that occasional pain too.

07/09/2021 LaQuita Eastes


Tesla Biohealer is Amazing! My Tinnitus has subsided. Also I can bend my Fingers due to Arthritis & swelling has gone down. Staff is professional, helpful & kind!

07/08/2021 Liz B.

Firmer Skin & my dog loves my BioHealers!

After 1 week of using 2 Adult BioHealers I noticed an improvement that the crepey skin I had is becoming firmer!! Our dog who sleeps in our bed, was hit by a car a year ago and has been wheezing ever since. After being around the Adult BioHealers, the dog no longer has the wheezing!

07/08/2021 Stephanie Schlafer

It’s a miracle!

Love and light to all! My whole body is energized with the use of my 2 adult Tesla BioHealers. I have had a significant reduction in my anxiety, depression, asthma and post menopausal hot flashes. I recently strained my trapezius muscle (shoulder). I decided to put my Bio Healer against my shoulder during a 1 hour nap. As I was falling asleep I felt a buzzing/ shooting sensation. When I awoke the pain was gone!! The next day I had tenderness but my overall chronic pain decreased from 7/10 to 1/10. I take Ihercules (Jared Rand:God bless!) for reverse aging. I drink structured water (Dr. Russ: Blessings to you!) I hope my message resonates with you, my friends.

07/07/2021 Sareighn

A Gift for the Body to Heal - TBI - Eye Sight - Skin improvements from Epstein-Barr and Shingles

I serendipitously placed an order for 2 of the Biohealers a few days before I had a running accident in which my head and hip were slammed onto a cement surface. This resulted in a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and torn muscle tissue that left me unable to walk. The inflammation was excruciating. The Biohealers arrived five days later. Upon opening the package, I could feel a gentle current of energy emanating from them and was hopeful. They became my constant companions, and I would trade off sleeping with them on each side of my head one night, and at my hips the next. I found they gave me a real sense of comfort and a pleasant warmth. Within less than one month, I was able to walk normally again without a limp and I know the Biohealers helped my body achieve this result in half the time it would have taken without them. My TBI also really improved. Things like blurred vision were significantly better within a month. I also noticed my energy level change. I no longer felt drained or tired upon waking.

Because of this success, I ordered 2 more of the Biohealers because I felt my TBI could benefit even more. Now using 4 of the devices, within 3 weeks my head felt totally back to normal. But I also noticed other improvements. I used to have dark rings under my eyes from battling Epstein-Barr and Shingles viruses for years, but they just disappeared with the Biohealers and now my face is radiant. My skin has become brighter and looks so much healthier and more youthful. My energy levels have improved and overall, I feel better, like my body has had an upgrade. These biohealers are the real deal and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to give a gift to their body and receive the help to really heal. I continue to pay attention and have found more and more health benefits becoming noticeable. Having 4 devices feels like having my own MedBed. Thank you Tesla Biohealing!

1 Month Use -Walking without a Limp & more Energy

07/02/2021 Gloria

Decrease hot flashes, joint pressure and deeper sleep

These have made a difference for me with decrease hot flashes, decrease joint pressure and deeper sleep.

I also borrowed a single can out to 3 clients. The client with a stroke found that his hand has less reflex tone in it. Meaning that when I worked with his leg or if he coughed or sneezed his arm and hand didn’t spasm up. This is a great thing.

Another client who has difficulty sleeping slept deeper - great
The third client has tuberculosis when she was 16. She Is now 72. Has tried everything for her lungs She said it didn’t work as it made her breathing more difficult. I think it was increasing circulation and moving things out. But with lungs it’s difficult as when things move out coughing increases My thoughts with this is that. Other natural health practitioners and medical doc keep giving things to decrease coughing which I think now coating her lungs thicker. I love this lady. She is a go-getter and keeps working and has such a great heart and attitude. I was so hoping it would help.

I still want to experience the larger ones and I am contemplating setting up a larger wellness Clinic I’ll have to see. Still a dream at this point

Thanks 🙏

07/02/2021 James K.

Libido - Sleep - Managed Blood Sugar = 30 yrs younger!

Wow! I feel 30 years younger. Love the Life Force. I’m 75 and performing like a 50-year-old man. Better sleep, manageable blood sugar, and better sex. Impressive.

Feels 30 Years YOUNGER!

06/30/2021 David GEORGE

Very intense during the first days

I felt an intense work inside of me on the first days (sleep a lot), and again when I changed position of Tesla BioHealer™ right to left after 2 weeks. Later, it's difficult to measure in a long term, all effects Tesla BioHealer™ could had on me.

06/29/2021 Julia Wilson-Green

Pleasantly surprised

I have several healing modalities at my disposal, not t mention creams, pills, essential oils , machines, exercises. I have been fighting with tingling, redness in my feet that interrupted my sleep much too often. Pretty much at my wits end I saw the Tesla BioHealing and thought if this doesn't work, which it probably won't, I don't know what else i can do. came very quickly, I put in bed next to and touching my feet as much as possible, Took maybe 2 to 3 days and I began sleeping all night long, no disturbance from my feet. i couldn't beleive it. My extremely skeptical husband saw what was happening for me and now he keeps it beside him all day, even carries it with when away from home. and this isn't the pocket size either. So, we are both very very extremely pleased and thankful. Should mention my husbands health had been deteriorating the past few years and he is definitely showing noticeable improvement. Really unbelievable to me since I have tried so many other things and spent much more money the the cost of this healing device. So thankful and greatful this was put in my path. Sincerely, Julia

06/21/2021 NavyVet

Maybe I am crazy.

My friends think I’ve lost it, but in reality, I’ve gotten it back. How can a can of sand do anything? Well, if it doesn’t work, what a placebo!
I feel ten years younger. I caught myself taking stairs 2 at a time again. I do heavy yard work for hours, like all day. Yeah, I get tired and sore, but a lot less, and fast recovery. I hate sleeping with them, because I don’t want to get up. I sleep deeply, dream vividly, and wake up tingling, excited perhaps the best word for it.
I have tinnitus. Sadly, it’s still there after 7 weeks with 2 BioHealers, and now 3 nights with a MedBed. But, it seems better, reduced, I remain optimistic.
If you are wondering, can a can of sand do all that, well, it does for me.
So maybe I am crazy, but if so, crazy is good. Now, if I could just get my friend with a terminal cancer to try it, I think it might save his life, unless he just waits too long. For me, I think it has anti-aging effects that both extend my life, and improve the quality of that time too.
While we love the MedBeds, I think a set of BioHealers are great for most people, suspect you only really need the MedBed if you have more serious problems.

06/18/2021 Karen Redfern

Unexpected results, my footprints have changed!

I was born with flatfeet. After using 1 Biohealer for 6 weeks 24/7 , my painful feet are better than the original. I have arches on both feet. Amazing but true.

06/18/2021 LEAH RAY

Stopped smoking thanks to the Tesla Biohealers!!

I had picked up a smoking habit for 1 year before using the Tesla Biohealers. After 4 weeks of being in the energy of the Tesla Biohealers, I suddenly stopped smoking. I had no desire to smoke again and I have to give thanks to the Tesla Biohealers for giving me the strength to quit for good! It truly works for addiction and I’m so grateful for having the Tesla Biohealers to help me change my life for the better!

06/14/2021 Brenda Wade

Meniere's disease - severe vertigo and nausea

I suffer from Meniere's disease. It has manifested in the Spring each year for the past 3 years. This results in severe episodes of intractable vertigo and nausea, that results in repeated episodes over a period of weeks, with each episode lasting from 30 minutes to 3 days. It seems to be triggered by the spring bloom, which I have been treating with antihistamines. Steroids by mouth and intra-ear injections have been necessary to stop the episodes over a period of 3-5 months. This year, when the disease manifested itself, I had only 1 day with 2 severe episodes, which was 2 weeks ago. I had just started sleeping with the Bio Healer at the head of my bed. It seems to have helped to minimize this exacerbation of the disease this time. I am hopeful that I will remain symptom free of the severe manifestation of this disease for a long time to come. Time will tell.

06/14/2021 Mena

Shoulder head pain gone!

Since getting sick in 2007 I’ve had this left shoulder pain, at times shooting up into my head. It would feel like a sharp stabbing pain and massaging it wouldn’t help. Within days of using the Tesla canister the pain subsided. At first I thought it was all in my head I couldn’t believe the pain I had for 14 years was really gone. My muscles are also stiff and some atrophied. I’m able to cross my legs in a meditation style without feeling a strain.

06/04/2021 Pamela

I Wish I Had Found This Sooner!

I I don't know what's in it, or how it works, but it does! I have chronic pain as a result of a back injury almost 30 years ago. I've been taking pain meds for over 10 years. Now some days I don't have to take any! I'm looking forward to buying generators to go under my bed. I tell all my friends! Worth every penny.

05/20/2021 Beverly Blankenship

Very Impressed - Reduced Back Pain & Thicker Hair

We have only had the canister for 11/2 weeks. It has made a difference in relieving lower back pain. My husband has low energy and cellulite on his legs, the energy level has increased and the cellulite has been improving. Looking forward to more healing for my husband.
My hair even feels thicker!


05/13/2021 Maureen Kolkmeyer

Amazing healing machine - Bone Cancer & Autoimmune Disease

This amazing product helped my husband through the worst kind of Cancer pain there is. He went through stage 4 bone Cancer with no pain medication. It worked do well for him I bought one for my sister who suffers with an autoimmune disease. She is able to walk on her feet with no pain and no more flares or break outs. So am I a believer and a fan yes I am.

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