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Melissa is a CranioSacral Therapist & Health Coach who also works with high powered lasers and other tools to accelerate the recovery of injuries and inflammation. 

You can book a session for:

1. Cranio Sacral Session $175 session

2. Laser Therapy  $250 session 

3. AO Scan sessions $111-$333

4. Frequency Therapy with MedBed Generators -varies 

5. Wellness For Life Coaching-3 month program 

6. AO SCAN Inner Voice Scan Birthday special $50



Your information is kept confidential. 

We do not share your information. 

We need the following information to run the 

scan and email you the report with your 4 Harmony Frequencies. You will receive your Harmonies within  24-48 hours after payment has been received. 

Please send payment via VENMO 

MedBed Spa 

last 4 digits of phone 2750

Thanks for submitting! Please check your email for your scan. If you can not find it, search your spam for an email from

Thanks for submitting!

You can reach us at   (310)654-2750

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