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Tesla MedBed Generators are FDA Registered OTC Medical Devices that generate a field of pure Life Force Energy. With over 100x more powerful than Tesla BioHealer Adult size. 


Tesla MedBed Generators are recommended for people with serious conditions and diseases who seek very fast and profound therapeutic improvement. 

They are shipped in Pairs. 

2 Tesla MedBed Generators = 200 Tesla BioHealers Adult size 

4 Tesla MedBed Generators = 400 Tesla BioHealers Adult size


Call us for more information or to place an order. 


MedBed Generators Upgrade Program Eligibility- Contact us Directly to Participate

  • Invest in 4 Adult BioHealers in a single order (Investment = $2,400)
  • Upgrade to MedBed Generators within 2 months of your BioHealers’ order
  • Your original investment of $2,400 will be applied toward your MedBed Generators, and you get to keep your BioHealers for FREE!
  • You can apply your $2,400 towards any amount of MedBed Generators (2, 4, 6, 8)



Tesla BioHealer MedBed Generators

  • Refundable within 30 days in orginal packaging and new condition.  Restocking fee of 10% plus shipping to be added and any other fees incured.

  • Shipping cost added at check out.  If shipping is calculated inaccurately, you will be contacted for us to complete the purchase. 

    For Shipping outside the continental USA please call us. Shipping to Hawaii is about $90 and Alaska $65

    We ship internationally, Please contact us to get accurate shipping costs. We will need your shipping address. 

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