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Life Force Energy for your beloved cat, dog, bird or other animal companion with this specific device for Pets. Known health benefits for humans have also been noted for animals. 


MedBed Generators can be used for larger pets such as horses. You may use more than one Tesla BioHealer for Pets for animals who are very ill and need additional Life Force Energy. Using mulitple Tesla BioHealers amplifies the Life Force Energy field offering a more powerful solution for even more cellular support. 


Tesla BioHealer for Pets

  • Refundable within 30 days in orginal packaging and new condition.  Restocking fee of 10% plus shipping to be added and any other fees incured.

  • Shipping cost added at check out.  If shipping is calculated inaccurately, you will be contacted for us to complete the purchase. 

    For Shipping outside the continental USA please call us. Shipping to Hawaii is about $90 and Alaska $65

    We ship internationally, Please contact us to get accurate shipping costs. We will need your shipping address. 

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