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Our Mission is to provide the latest technologies for rejuvenation and reverse aging to provide an elevated feeling of perfect health and high frequency. 

Grand Opening! 


For the past three years we have worked on opening our
MedBed Spa in the Hill Country of Texas.


We are so excited to finally accomplish our life long dream of opening a healing center. Our main device is the UltraSlim device which focuses on weight loss, body sculpting, skin tightening, and pain and inflammation management.  It's the safest and most effective FDA approved red light therapy with quick results.
Come visit us at Salon Mystique in Belterra Village in
Austin Texas. 
You can call Salon Mystique for an appointment 512-284-4744

About Us

Both Peter and Melissa Silvester strive to provide the latest technology and tools to upgrade the body, mind, and spirit to prepare for optimal performance and to THRIVE in all areas of one's life.

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About Melissa

Melissa came to Texas after growing up on the westside of Los Angeles where she took on a life of health habits and a passion for helping others achieve their goals in all areas of life. Melissa is also a health coach and CranioSacral therapist, healing people with energy and the practice of taking on daily healthy habits. Melissa was able to heal herself with lasers and superfoods. Thus, she wants to help others with high tech tools that are natural, noninvasive, fast recovery, and no pain. She has researched the UltraSlim device for over four years and has had her goal of opening up her spa for over 15 years. Opening up at Salon Mystique has been a three year process for her and her husband and they are very excited to help people lose weight in a safe way, help mommies get their ideal bodies, help with skin tightening such as nonsurgical facelifts, and help those with chronic and severe pain, in the most natural way possible. 


Melissa has learned the best healing protocols from brilliant inventors and Chiropractors to bring the world's most advanced healing tools to the public. By working with frequency tools of all types, Melissa has seen amazing results in self healing. 

Everything has a frequency and when the frequencies are a correct match to what the body needs to stimulate self healing and other healing properties, the body heals itself very fast. 


Melissa has worked with some of the world’s leading achievers in chiropractic, spiritual & personal development, and health & development of organic superfoods. Her background is diverse with a constant core of helping others which included teaching Kindergarten for over ten years. Her first career after graduating from UC Santa Barbara was being a consultant in the garment industry and inspecting working conditions around the world for the biggest American corporations. 


Melissa always knew she'd travel the world and that is one of her favorite hobbies. She's traveled to over 30 countries and 30 states and created careers and businesses where she was able to explore other cultures. With her best friend they traveled the world teaching other healers how to heal themselves and had retreats in Hawaii, Alaska, New England, Malibu, and Brasil. She created a tourist business called Cuba Unplugged which organized safe and fun travel packages to Cuba when it was possible to travel there. 

Her next travel venture, God willing, will be leading a retreat in Greece. 


Melissa has researched the tools, supplements, foods, protocols, and practices for the best results. She uses all the products and services she offers to the public. Melissa will only promote the best of the best for the highest good for all. 

Our Core Products 

AntiAging Bed

Tesla Energy, scalar energy, are longitudinal 3 dimensional waves. It's energy empowers DNA, RNA, and cellular membrane to have normal cellular activities and functions, and to enhance ATP production in all cells allowing each cell in the body to be fully charged with life energy.  Contact us if you want to get one TODAY or click below for more information.

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After Testing the AO Scan we found that is has been more effective in treating and scanning the body's frequency. 

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Portable and easy to use IntraHelios light system. A combination of Light Stimulation and Tissue warming which results in deep cellular activation and improvement in micro circulation leading to reduced inflamation. 

Treats: bones, ankle, wrist, shoulder, ribs, feet, and back. Use directly on skin. Contact us for more information or to place an order.  

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NonGMO Highest Integrity Organic Superfoods, Purium.  Use code melissaardon and get $50 off your first order.

We also consume daily The Root Brands and STEMREGEN. Please visit our SuperFoods and Root Pages. 

Or Grown your own food with

Tower Gardens



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After a night's stay with the MedBed of course I had to have one. It's been helping me with the daily stresses of life during the pandemic 

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I've had knee pains for years. After one session, I haven't felt pain. I even forgot I ever had pain. 




With Melissa's coaching and recommendations I was able to get rid of cellulite I had since I was in High School. 

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