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Tesla MedBed BioHealer 

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Expect 5-10 days for delivery.

Expect 5-10 days for delivery.

Expect 5-10 days for delivery.

Expect 5-10 days for delivery.

Tesla BioHealing developed by Dr. James Liu is the next generation of enery based biomedical technology, originated from Nikola Tesla's discoveries that Life Force exists and how to harness natural occuring Life Force from the environment. 

Life Force Energy is what we are made of and what nourishes our body at a cellular level. The more Life Force Energy our cellular structures have available, the more they are able to recharge themselves and activate their own self-repair mechanisms. 

Available in Adult Size, Children's size, Pet's Size. 
MedBedGenerators are about 28 pounds and come as a pair. 

Therapeutic Lasers 

The InfraHelios uses the latest technology of a single wavelength light emitter tuned to a frequency that  stimulates cellular healing and spreads over a surface area of 30 square inches.

This provides an extremely large treatment area and because it is more powerful than cold laser, it feels a warming effect through the

absorption of light within the layers of tissue, thus providing the dual benefit of tissue warming and light stimulation. It is a Personal Pain Management Device, PPMD,  and it does not require a high level of expertise to use and can be used at home by patients themselves.

Expect 7-15 days for delivery.

Therapeutic Lasers are a type of therapy that help in the healing on a cellular level by activiating the mitochodria to produce ATP and thus allowing inflammation and pain to reduce.

Simple to use, one button, set automatically for 30 minute sessions. Settings are set to 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% being the highest. Feel the difference in ONE session. For more severe cases Two 30 Minutes sessions is recommended daily, usually a couple of days to a 10 days for severe cases.

The creator of this laser, James aka Jim Ohneck, is a 2020-2021 awarding winning of Top 100 Health Care Visionaries given by IFAH- International Forum on Advancement in Healthcare for his work on lasers.  His company, Epoch® Lasers, is recognized as a Top 50 U.S. Healthcare Company in 2019.

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What are the sizes and recommendations for
Tesla BioHealer MedBeds

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BiomeMedic- Detox from chemicals like Glyphosate, need 2 rounds, First time twice a day, second time once a day. 
Vir-U-Sure- Herbs to protect you from Viruses and helps you get over any viral attack
C From Nature- Vitamin C from fruits and nature not Ascorbic Acid. 

Apothe-Cherry- Tart Cherry concentrate from deep sleep and anti-inflammatory. Stimulates your natural melotonin production. Get a good nights sleep. 

Power Shake- Protein powdered created by formulators so that you get exactly the greens you need. Great as a meal replacement. Comes in 2 flavors- original with no flavor or Apple Flavor for those who like the sweet taste. We only use the original as our palette prefers no sugar. 

Organic Kamut Blend- Tasty wheat grass without it upsetting the stomach. 1 teaspoon with 8 ounces of cold water and a splash of lemonade makes it the perfect hydrating drink on a hot day or when you need extra electrolytes. 

White American Ginseng- Helps balance hormones, known as the natural viagra. Great for men and women. 

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