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Stem Cells From Mother Nature STEMREGEN Ingredients

Melissa has been researching Vitamins and Superfoods since she was fifteen. She was gifted the Vitamin Bible when she was in High School and became obsessed. Imagine her surprised when thirty years later she discovers something new. Superfoods she had never heard of. The ingredients of STEMREGEN are ancient secret SuperFoods used by native cultures from around the world. The genius Christian Drapeau investigated and traveled the world to discover how the combination of these six different plants & ingredients can enhance the production of one's own Stem Cells. That's right. These are not the traditional Stem Cells that come from other embryonic cells, STEMREGEN help your own body create and release one's OWN Stem Cells that are stored in the bone marrow. The ingredients of STEMREGEN are:


First, Sea BuckThorn Berries from Tibet.

Second, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) Extract

Third, StemAloe

Fourth, Fucus vesiculosus Extract

Fifth, Panax Notoginseng

Sixth, Beta-Glucan


Sea BuckThorn Berries

Could you imagine that Sea Buckthorn Berries were first discovered by Alexander the Great. During a battle, he had to leave his wounded horses on the battle field full of sea buckthorn shrubs. Upon his return, he discovered that his horses not only survived the injuries sustained, they had shiny coats and were healthy. Alexander the Great was not the only ancient warrior who used Sea Buckthorn berries. Genghis Khan ordered his soldiers to harvest the berries and leaves to use for healing wounds. Sea Buckthorn Berries have been used in Chinese Medicine, Tibetan and Mongolian cultures for thousands of years. It was used to improve circulation and many other health conditions.

More recently, it has been documented that Sea Buckthorn Berries trigger stem cell release and to increase the number of circulating stem cells by nearly 40%.


Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA)

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (aph·a·ni·zomenon), AFA for short, has the properties of being an anit-inflammatory and have immune modulatory properties. It has been documented to release the support of stem cells from the bone marrow and increasing the number of circulating stem cells. Research in animals with muscle injury has supported that it has assisted in tissue repair. The research in humans have documented improvements in quality of life and health conditions such as muscle and bone injury, burns and skin wounds, stroke recovery, acute myocardial infarction, chronic conditions and inflammation, cognitive enhancement and regeneration of brain tissues, organ failures and recovery, insulin production and diabetes and many other conditions. You can learn more about it by reading the full study.



Next, Aloe has been documented as a plant that helps blood cell formation in the body, hematopoiesis. It supports the stem cells in the bone marrow. Daily consumption of Aloe extract has helped those with moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease improve cognitively. STEMREGEN'S own StemAloe has been found to support stem release from the bone marrow.


Fucus vesiculosus

Fucus vesiculosus Extract contains two unique components: phloroglucinol and fucoidan. Fucodian has been documented to increase circulating stem cells and anti inflammatory properties.

Phloroglucinol has been associated with benefits touching various aspects of human health, such as cardiovascular health, cognitive functions and glucose metabolism.


Panax Notoginseng

An extract from Panax Notoginseng has also been documented to increase the production of stem cells within the bone marrow, release from the bone marrow. It has also been associated with benefiting cardiovascular and endocrine systems. In cases with people with Alzheimer's it has shown cognitive improvements.



Beta-Glucan supports stem cell function, including stem cell proliferation, release from the bone marrow, and migration into tissues. STEMREGEN uses the type of Beta-Glucan which is the most potent of Beta-Glucan being 85% (1→3)-b-D-glucose bonds.

This unique combination of ingredients have shown to help the body in the creation of your own stem cells. When the body creates more stem cells the body benefits where the body most needs it and in conditions such as cardiovascular, endocrine system, joints, kidneys, muscles, brain and nervous system, respiratory system, erectile dysfunction, and bone support. Click here to: Go to STEMREGEN for interactive organ system information.

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