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How To Achieve Peak Performance by Recovering Faster?

The Power of Perfect Aminos by BodyHealth and StemRegen for Fitness Recovery.

I have been on a multi decade habit of gym workouts with free weights, machine weights, yoga, swimming, and tennis, along with some periods of HIIT and Polymetric outdoor workouts as well as some runs and plenty of bicycling for fun, staying in shape and mindful body sculpting. So, I have experienced what works and what doesn't work personally as well as seeing others take on routines that where an obvious train wreck waiting to happen... and they did. My aim is to give you tools and ideas that will keep you safe, powerfully active and fit for life.

Embarking on a fitness journey requires dedication, discipline, and consistent effort. While pushing our bodies to the limit is essential for growth, recovery is equally crucial for sustainable progress. In the pursuit of optimal fitness recovery, a combination of Perfect Aminos by BodyHealth and StemRegen has emerged as a powerful solution, offering a unique blend of benefits that not only reduce pain but also accelerate recovery, paving the way for efficient muscle building. I have taken a minimum of 10 Perfect Aminos each morning for over 5 years now. Since discovering StemRegen and getting to know the inventor, Christian Drapeau, I have add this amazing blending of plant medicine to stack with the Perfect Aminos. I'll get to why in a minute.

Perfect Aminos by BodyHealth:

Perfect Aminos by BodyHealth stands out as a comprehensive amino acid supplement designed to support muscle repair and recovery. This combination IS the essential blend the body needs to build on. They were designed for people in comas to prevent muscle wasting. They worked so well that people coming out of long term comas were able to stand and begin their road to full mobility very quickly. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which play a vital role in repairing and building muscle tissue as well as rebuilding all the organs of the body. What sets Perfect Aminos apart is its formulation, which includes all eight essential amino acids in the perfect ratio for maximum absorption and utilization by the body. These aminos are 99.9% absorbable which does not over work the gut. This is a key factor for people with leaky guts damaged by toxins built up over time. When eating a steak, the body can only absorb about 32%. This means that the rest is sitting in the intestines taxing the body and potentially causing problems if the body is not in perfect health to be able to eliminate the waste.

Benefits of Perfect Aminos:

  1. Complete Amino Acid Profile: Perfect Aminos provides the body with a full spectrum of essential amino acids, ensuring that your muscles have the necessary resources to recover and grow.

  2. Rapid Absorption: The predigested tablets or powder allows for faster absorption compared to traditional protein sources, ensuring that amino acids reach muscle tissues quickly.

  3. Muscle Preservation: By preventing muscle breakdown, Perfect Aminos helps maintain lean muscle mass even during intense workouts, reducing the risk of overtraining and injury. Everyone experiences far less pain during the recovery periods, allowing them to take on another day of workout or enjoying a day of activity or any kind.


StemRegen complements Perfect Aminos by harnessing the power of stem cells to enhance the body's natural regenerative capabilities. Stem cells play a crucial role in repairing damaged tissues and promoting overall recovery. These 6 rare sourced plant elements draw out the body's own stem cells and multiplies the stem cells for the body to send to areas of the body that need repair.

Benefits of StemRegen:

  1. Stem Cell Activation: StemRegen contains ingredients that support the activation of adult stem cells, facilitating faster healing and regeneration of tissues.

  2. Reduced Inflammation: StemRegen's anti-inflammatory properties contribute to a reduction in post-exercise inflammation, minimizing pain and discomfort associated with intense training sessions or injury of any kind.

  3. Enhanced Recovery: By optimizing the body's natural regenerative processes, StemRegen helps shorten recovery times, allowing individuals to bounce back quickly and perform at their best in subsequent workouts.

Synergistic Benefits:

When Perfect Aminos and StemRegen are combined, the synergistic effects create a powerful formula for fitness recovery. Users report experiencing far less pain after workouts and a noticeable acceleration in the recovery process, enabling them to return to their training routine with renewed energy and vigor.

Achieving peak fitness involves not only pushing your limits during workouts but also prioritizing recovery. Perfect Aminos by BodyHealth and StemRegen offer a compelling solution by addressing both the need for essential amino acids and the body's regenerative capabilities. The combined benefits of reduced pain, faster recovery, and optimized muscle building make this duo a valuable addition to any fitness regimen. Consider incorporating Perfect Aminos and StemRegen into your routine to unlock the full potential of your fitness journey. We test and use all of our products we sell. They are all sourced here in the USA

from companies with the highest integrity. We know them personally.

If you would like to know how we take the aminos and StemRegen, please log onto our site,, sign up for our newsletter and give us a call. 310-654-2750 We love helping our clients take on new positive habits for a life of joy from being fit.

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