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Holistic Treatments for Cancer using Medbed Technology

Using MedBed Technology With Combined Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a debilitating and life-altering disease that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a complex disease that is caused by abnormal growth and division of cells in the body. When cancer develops, the intricate process of cell growth and division becomes disrupted, leading to the formation of abnormal cells that survive when they should die, and begin to proliferate uncontrollably, invading nearby tissues, and forming tumors that can break off and affect other parts of the body.

Cancers are categorized by the modern medical community as having no cure, though the main treatment is chemotherapy. Any type of cancer can become terminal cancer, and cancer can start almost anywhere in the human body. As such, many people who are diagnosed with terminal cancers are left feeling hopeless and helpless, with no viable treatment options available to them.

However, Tesla BioHealers and BioGenerators are improving the quality of life for people faced with terminal cancers. Tesla BioHealers and BioGenerators use a revolutionary technology that utilizes Life Force Energy, or Tesla Waves, to promote cellular repair, boost cellular energy, promote blood circulation, and detoxify the body. Tesla BioHealing technology has been shown to have remarkable therapeutic effects on people with terminal cancers.

One of the many known benefits of Life Force Energy is its ability to increase the energy potential of any cell in the body. Cancerous cells are almost always low energy cells. In fact, when measured, cancerous cells have been found to only hold about 15 millivolts of membrane potential. This dangerously low energy level triggers a defense mechanism causing malignant cells to proliferate in order to try and secure their survival.

Life Force Energy has been shown to have the ability to increase the millivolt levels of low energy cells back up to the optimum membrane potential of 70-90 millivolts. This increased energy potential is believed to assist in keeping cells healthy so that they do not reach a low millivolt level, assist in ceasing unhealthy proliferation of low millivolt tissue, and greatly assist in normalizing low millivolt tissue back to a healthy energetic state.

Furthermore, increased levels of Life Force Energy can assist someone who is going through cancer treatments to do so in a much more harmonious manner. Many people who utilize Tesla BioHealing technology in conjunction with cancer treatments such as prolonged fasting, ozone treatments, and or immunotherapy often note being able to complete their treatment course much faster, experiencing very minimal side effects, and increased energy levels throughout the process.

The Tesla BioHealing technology is a form of Medbed technology, which is a revolutionary technology that uses advanced medical technologies to diagnose, treat and heal various illnesses and diseases. Medbeds are a type of healing technology that is currently being developed and used by medical professionals around the world. Medbeds utilize advanced technology to provide a holistic and natural healing process that is free of harmful chemicals and invasive procedures.

The Tesla Medbed technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in the help with the treatment of terminal cancers. By utilizing the power of Life Force Energy, Tesla BioHealers and BioGenerators are able to promote cellular repair, boost cellular energy, promote blood circulation, and detoxify the body. This technology is a form of Medbed technology that is changing the face of modern medicine, and providing hope and healing to people faced with terminal cancers. For more information about these amazing tools, see and call us for information on effectively fasting protocols and other forms of subtraction theory.

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